Ewan Campbell

Ewan Campbell has been selling sail since 1972. Starting with Grampian Marine in Oakville, moving to Port Credit to sell Tanzers, Hughes & Express, 2 years with CS Yachts & then to C&C Yachts until 1990, Ewan has helped new sailors learn the ropes and experienced sailors move up. Moving to Midland in 1990 to start a second career as a broker earned him the title of Georgian Bay’s sailboat specialist. A veteran of European cruising, an Atlantic crossing & numerous Virgin Island deliveries he is also an active racer in Midland and in the annual Georgian Bay Regatta. You can reach Ewan at ewan@harrisellis.com or call 705-529-9433.

I can’t thank Ewan Campbell enough for the super job he did in selling G, making up for my lack of experience in this realm and patiently searching for just the right buyer and a win-win for seller and buyer alike.